I don’t really know what to say except just fucking enjoy it cause I fucking loved making it. (more…)

Need You Music Video Out Now

its fuckkkinngggg liittttttt…DJ DILLON FRANCIS taking ovveerrrr.


Happy New Year, Fam!

HAPPY 2016, YA BUSTERS! Thanks for being the best part of your favorite DJ’s year, (more…)

Dill & Fat Jew Care About Reading And Stuff And So Should You

Many of y’all may not know that Dillon Francis and his best fat Jewish friend Fat Jew really care (more…)

Hanzel Drops 1 Deepa Single

BREAKING NEWS: DJ Hanzel’s first ultra deep single was teased today on Dillon’s Instagram (just za tip tho). (more…)

IDGAFO End of Year S-ale!

The IDGAFO-Sale is here yet again, and all this cool-ass swag from your favorite DF characters is marked hella down! (more…)

Dill Ubers From LA to NYC

Dillon is getting so friggin’ hyped for his Pier 36 show with Aryay, Drezo, Jauz and the real DJ Hanzel on December 30th. (more…)

Merry xMas From Dillon Francis

Seasons greetings from your favorite DJ’s – Dill, Skrill, Dip and DJ Khaled of course. (more…)